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Customer expectations
higher than ever

Automotive customers expect a faster, more transparent service from dealers and manufacturers. Effective use of mobile devices in workshops keeps customers informed and maintains a more connected experience.

Innovative, proactive data services such as predictive maintenance alerts that prevent roadside breakdowns and real-time customer information feeds are quickly becoming the new normal.

Rise of the
connected car

Advances in Internet of Things (IoT) technology and cloud services have seen cars become increasingly connected in recent years. The more connected cars become, the more powerful and agile a manufacturer’s IT infrastructure must also be.

Connected cars offer a wealth of functionality but also add significant complexity. Advanced diagnostics systems are required to overcome these challenges and capitalise on the opportunities available.

Stricter laws
and legislation

Automotive laws designed to protect end-users and the environment are becoming more stringent by the day. To meet new standards, manufacturers and dealers must invest in technology to ensure compliance and performance.

Making the right investments will allow manufacturers and dealers to respond quickly to new legislation, while  improving key areas of operation such as vehicle diagnostics and manufacturing quality.


Increased workforce

A digitally enabled workforce with our latest technology can diagnose vehicle issues faster and carry out maintenance tasks more effectively, significantly increasing productivity.

  • Fast, reliable mobile hardware
  • Tailored solutions for automotive-specific tasks
Improved customer

The use of advanced analytics and predictive maintenance technology minimises unexpected   vehicle breakdowns and improves customer satisfaction, leading to greater loyalty.

  • Customers kept better informed
  • Increased transparency and visibility during servicing
Better vehicle quality and performance

More effective diagnostics, testing and servicing techniques increase vehicle performance, leading to longer overall lifespans and a higher return on investment for customers.

  • More accurate vehicle health checks
  • Faster diagnosis of faults


Workshop diagnostics and maintenance

Workshop diagnostics and maintenance

Accurate diagnostics is a key component of efficient maintenance operations. Our rugged mobile devices are compatible with the latest diagnostic software and also feature a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity options, for instant access to on-board diagnostics and fast vehicle scanning.

R&D and engineering

R&D and engineering

Effective R&D requires fast, accurate data collection and analytics in a wide range of environments, both on and off the road. The compact yet rugged design of all our devices, combined with their powerful processors and high ease-of-use, makes them ideally suited to testing and verification activities in even the most extreme conditions.

Automotive manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing

Smooth manufacturing operations rely on efficient machinery and processes. Our devices connect directly to a wide range of machinery and sensors on the assembly line, allowing you to carry out inspections, conduct tests and gather technical data. They also integrate seamlessly with ERP, MES and quality inspection systems for more transparent manufacturing operations.

Why choose Getac?

Maximum value

Next-generation products

We work closely with a wide range of OEs (original equipment manufacturers) to jointly develop products that perfectly meet the demands of modern automotive manufacturers and vendors. We deliver cutting-edge automotive solutions to some of the biggest brands in the world.


Maximum value

Rugged by design

We have almost 30 years of rugged innovation and boast high levels of trust and loyalty amongst our customers. All our products are built rugged from the ground up to pass the most stringent international rugged testing standards for rough handling and mobility, making them ideally suited to the challenging automotive environment


Maximum value

Global capability

We offer an unrivalled level of service and support to our customers. Our international coverage and industry best 3 to 5-year bumper-to-bumper (accidental damage) warranty allows multinational customers to have their devices deployed and support globally. We also fulfil a wide range of regional regulations and certifications, further supporting worldwide deployment.


Maximum value

Trusted manufacturer

All our products are built to an outstanding level of quality. Our deep product knowledge, original designs and uncompromising standards make us a trusted technology provider for many of the leading global automotive brands. We also practice sustainable green manufacturing, with our products fulfilling EPEAT and RoHS requirements. It goes without saying that we use our own devices in our facilities to streamline manufacturing.


Maximum value

Comprehensive automotive solutions

We design and deliver comprehensive products and solutions for every part of the automotive industry. This includes devices for research and development, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance. We also offer a wide range of secure docking solutions to support mobile and fixed mounting.


Maximum value

Product longevity

Our computers deliver excellent total cost of ownership (TCO), with 2.9x lower average failure rates than consumer devices and extensive product lifecycles to maximize your investment. All products come with an industry-best 3 to 5-year year bumper-to-bumper warranty covering accidental damage.


Trusted Globally



Volkswagen AG has optimised its group-wide manufacturing processes using our S410 and A140 rugged devices.

SELMAR Automotive Workshop

SELMAR Automotive Workshop

Official service partner of BMW and other leading manufacturers

Your digital advantage


Protection from accidents

Automotive shop floors are dynamic environments that can be tough on IT equipment. Our devices are designed rugged from the ground up to protect against knocks and drops, for continued operation even when accidents occur.


Automotive workshops experience a wide range of temperature fluctuations. Our devices feature special componentry, thermal design and verification testing, allowing them to operate in temperatures ranging from -29ºC to 60 ºC.

All-weather operation

Our revolutionary LumiBond 2.0 display operates with either stylus or finger, even when wearing gloves or in wet conditions. The high-quality screen is also readable both indoors and outdoors for maximum productivity and minimal downtime.

Seamless connectivity

Innovative wireless technology, Bluetooth and 3G/4G LTE connectivity supports exceptional coverage and fast download speeds, meaning consistent access to data from anywhere.

Superior functionality

Multi-function tools allow you to carry out manufacturing and maintenance tasks more efficiently. Integrated 1D/2D barcode readers, RFID Reader and dual cameras also help capture data quickly and easily.

Versatile usability

Our devices are fully compatible with a wide range of vehicle and mobile trolley docking solutions, for maximum versatility both in and around the workshop or production line.



  • • Automotive manufacturing
  • • Workshop diagnostics and maintenance


  • • Automotive manufacturing
  • • Workshop diagnostics and maintenance
  • • R&D and engineering


  • • Automotive manufacturing
  • • Workshop diagnostics and maintenance


  • • Workshop diagnostics and maintenance
  • • R&D and engineering


  • • Workshop diagnostics and maintenance


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